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TTRA Bulletin: 58 | April 2007



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Hello Members and Friends

Location, Location, Location.

To open this years spring Newsletter, I am thrilled to be able to assure you that contrary to any rumours that you have heard the TTRA Headquarters namely the “38th Milestone” has now been safely re-positioned at the rear of the Grandstand replacing the site where the Café was only a few yards from our original position.
The actual move was February 27th 2007, the weather conditions were as bad as they could have been, thick mist, torrential rain, windy and bitterly cold, I am sure you will have all had this experience in the Isle of Man at sometime. Tom and I were on site at 8am “Dressed to Kill, anoraks, woollen hats, waterproofs and Wellingtons, needless to say my wellies are mixed colours like a rainbow as you would expect of Frances (those who know her) I like to put a bit of colour on the scene. 8-30am the 30ton crane arrived, by 11am we were re-positioned and making friends with an additional portacabin we have obtained. When Tom and I have finished this project your Headquarters will be double the size. I have started a collection of photographs with all the various jobs we are doing for my album. I will give you an update of progress throughout this newsletter.

Spring is very welcome and I hope that you are all feeling better for the sunshine and here is wishing all of those members and friends who are not well our very best wishes for a better year.


The Annual Luncheon was another great event and everyone enjoyed themselves. We had the outgoing President Mick Grant adorning the new President Nick Jefferies with his Chain of Office and at this point the Committee would like to thank Mick for his input into the meetings he has attended throughout his Presidency taking his position responsibly. After the entrance of the new President on a GP Triumph approx 1948 bike, Nick Jefferies gave us all a very interesting and colourful acceptance speech which was humourous at times remembering many familiar names and stories surrounding them.


Thank you for the generosity of many members and friends who helped us to raise such a substantial amount of funds, 2006 was an exceptionally heavy year for assisting members in need of help. As you all know the purpose of the TTRA and we do honour our commitments. Talking of the “Luncheon” may I draw your attention to the date of the next one November 21st 2007 at the same venue. The date change is due to the Motorcycle Show altering their date. We decided to go with the tradition of the lunch being the day before so that members can still attend the show on the opening day.

Auction item.

Can anyone give me the name and address of the donator of the beautiful Statuette of Jimmy Simpson which was brought in on the day? The new owner is anxious to know the history surrounding it.

Presentation of cheques to the TTRA

The President Nick Jefferies was presented with a cheque from Mr Tony East Chairman of the “Friends of the TT Riders Association” for the sum of £6000. Thank you so much for all the efforts you put into the fundraising and especially Pat in the background, it is appreciated.

A further cheque was presented on behalf of the Mortons Media Groups by Director Mr Malcolm Wheeler together with a framed photograph of the new President. Thank you again to Mortons for their continued support which includes the logo on the front of their very popular Motorcycle magazines.

I would also like to thank members and friends who have sent donations throughout the past year, you all requested that a reply was not necessary. Thank you so much to each of you.

Congratulations goes to the Road Racing Legends Charity event which was held in February organised by Colin Morris, Sue Morris, Gwen and Phil Morris, it was a very successful event and hoping to have a repeat next year 2008. The proceeds were for the benefit of various needy causes and charities and we were delighted that the TT Riders Association was included as one of the charities.
We would like to say a big thank you in advance of the presentation which will be at the Annual Luncheon in November.

TT Centenary 100 years

Everyone is getting into gear up at the Grandstand. Builders, trucks, cranes, and signs going up everywhere. Of course Tom and Frances in the thick of it now in our 3rd week at the 38th lots of changes I can tell you. 2 major walls have been cut out of the two Portacabins, steel and wood strengthening blocks put in, visits to the wood yard and now lots of carpentry. Tom’s craftsmanship as a patternmaker now being used to enhance further the 38th as these two cabins were made by different manufacturers, tweaking comes to mind, not working to quite the same tolerances as he is used to. Well that’s better than last week steel swarf everywhere and fighting with walls, that was a pretty heavy job. Our car is now a kennel for our two Labradors who are on site also and the rear of the car is a mobile workshop. I only hope that we are not stopped and searched between Glen Maye and Douglas.

The TTRA for their input to this years racing is that we are presenting £100 to the first rider of each race who does not qualify for a finishers Replica and a free Life membership into the Association. This will be presented at the Presentation evenings at the Villa Marina by our President Nick Jefferies.

Also, you will remember that last year I mentioned the special Energy Gel Drinks highly recommended and proving to be of great value to the riders which in turn hopefully save accidents. Well this year we are the major sponsor and will be covering the bottle with our logo which will highlight the Association once more.


A thank you must go to Bill Snelling of Fottofinder, Laxey for his assistance to find suitable pictures for my displays in the 38th. “Highly recommended”. There is a new book due to come out “The History of the Clubman’s TT” written by Fred Pidcock and Photographs by Bill Snelling” hopefully ready for TT; and I will have them in my stock. Again the TTRA benefit from sales of books, so ask first before you go shopping.

Isle of Man Postal Services.

Can I draw your attention to the sponsorship for this Bulletin for the TT Centenary Year and the leaflet enclosed for special items available to all members. Anything purchased with the order form will be giving the TT Riders Association 20% of the value of your order to go into our funds. So do please order from that form.

New Members.

Peter Fleming, Cheshire; Graham Vickery, Cheshire; Brian Goldthorp, Ireland;
Mark Johns, Cumbria; Kevin Wilson, Canada; Graham Ward, Leeds.

New Members of the “Friends of the TTRA.”

Welcome to the new members and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. We hope that you will enjoy being involved in this Association and make a note in your Diary for the Annual Luncheon which is November 21st 2007.
This is held at the National Motorcycle Museum. Birmingham. Application forms will be in the next Bulletin September 2007.

Where are you now. Bulletins still being returned – wasting postage.

Toni Rechberger – Austria
Paul Randall – Kent
John Getty – Burnley, Lancs
W.S.Braidwood – N.Ireland
Tom Fortune – Warrington
Gosta Jensen- Denmark
C.Smith – Cobham, Surrey
Chris Conn – Ex RAF/TT Rider in the mid 60’s.
Tony Elmer and Darren Marshall. Sidecars.

Under the Chequered Flag

Chris Percival – January 2007
Peter Cropper - March 2007. Competed in several TT’s as a sidecar passenger from the early 60s, rode with Alan Birch, Stan Nightingale, Eric Pickup and Bran Bardsley
Dan Keaney – January 2007
Darran Lindsay – 2006 tragically in Ireland
Ian Paskin Snr. – 2006 suddenly
Ted Friend – 2006
Cliff Carr – Jan 2007. On behalf of the TTRA I would like to thank very sincerely Ron Jones for his continuous and tremendous support with regular visits to Cliff.
Jim Meadows 2006 who was a big supporter of the Races and always made a visit to the 38th with a donation. Later years he was in a wheelchair and a thank you to the member who use to bring him to the IOM. Chris Walton.


I attended the funeral of this lovely lady who passed away at the age of 89 yrs. Gwen was known by everyone in the sporting world of the Isle of Man. Ballaugh Parish Church was packed as friends, riders and motorcycle officials said farewell.
She was a marshal for many years, a staunch supporter and fundraiser for the Manx Grand Prix Helicopter Fund and founder member of the MGP Supporters Club.
TTRA Member Giacomo Agostini was responsible for her famous nickname Lady in White. Gwen was the lady who was always sitting on the wall past Ballaugh Bridge even on the early morning practices.

Our sympathy has been sent to all the families.

Those were the days – a few names from the past.

Names of riders who have been in touch and wish me to send their best wishes to you all.

Eric Pickup tells me that he is 80 in May and has recently come across some details of Past Presidents and members etc, which reminded him of a few memories. The last Annual Luncheon he attended was at the Connaught Rooms, London when Norman Scott was President. I have brought him up to date and he is going to try to get to the next Luncheon. Talking of Norman Scott, I happened to be in a book shop in Douglas a few months ago and spotted a small book on Poems reduced to £1. For some reason I looked at the index and what did I see. Yes. The poem about “THE PIG” Norman was renowned for that poem. Well I have got it now. My accent would not be as good as Norman’s. My happy memories about the trips to London for the TTRA luncheon when it was MEN ONLY, I was let loose to do my shopping therapy.

Steven L Thompson who was involved in a very bad bike/car accident and that was the reason for losing touch. He wishes his friends to know that he has made good progress and is managing to keep driving in an automatic car.

Peter Courtney Did not inform of change of address. Naughty boy..

Ken Kavanagh informs me he is 82 ½ health is OK, no real problems. Thank you for the newsy letter Ken.

I have been enquiring who is the oldest member of the TTRA. And I am still interested to know..
BUT, in the past few months I have been contacted by a nephew of Jack McCreddie. Scotland. This rider raced in the days of Jimmy Guthrie. He enjoyed his 98th birthday last week and I have received a lovely photograph of him surrounded by his birthday cards. His nephew informs me that he still talks about his successful racing exploits in the Isle of Man.   

Can I bring your attention to the fact that I have changed my E-Mail address to

I would also request PLEASE NO PHOTOGRAPH ATTACHMENTS. Just send them snail mail.

I bring this Bulletin to a close with a reminder that the 38th Milestone is only a few yards away from the original position and all of you that are coming there is a Big Welcome and hope that you have a safe journey, meet up with lots of friends and have lots of fun. See you soon

Frances Thorp. (Secretary)

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